Our Team

Chris Thomson

Web Development & Project Management Officer

Chris joined NB Communication in September 2012 as a Web Developer/Project Manager. Having previously worked in a diverse range of jobs, including classroom music teaching and social care, Chris brought a unique and developed skillset to the job, including:

  • a wide range of communication skills
  • an appetite and aptitude for problem solving
  • a developed understanding of the creative process

Chris' main focus at NB has been Web Development and he has been involved with the majority of projects we've launched over the last few years. He was core member of the teams who delivered orkney.com, ospar.org, visitorkney.com, estateagencyshetland.co.uk and shetlandarts.org, some of our largest projects to date, and is always looking to find ways to improve our delivery to the customer.

Although he took an unusual path into the job, Chris has always done a bit of web design, ever since Geocities made it possible for the novice back in the mid 90's. However, unlike the neon, animated-gif-strewn desert that was Geocities, he likes to think that great websites are works of true art - it isn't just about looking good, they have to be functional too. Form meets function. Purpose meets pizzazz. It takes as many incisive creative decisions to build a great website as it does to write a great novel or a great album. At NB Communication, Chris works within a team that examines every little detail, to make sure what we create is effective and efficient, and suited to the needs of both the client and their audience.

Outside work, Chris plays keys and rhythm guitar in the Queen of Shetland's cover bands, First Foot Soldiers, and satisfies his creative musical side in Trookers, a guitar-based melodic-pop foursome, in amongst many other musical projects.

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