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The bulk of our portfolio is made up of what you might describe as ‘lead generation’ websites. Basically, these develop a bespoke online presence for each client that creates a powerful way for their business to be discovered by a new and wider audience.

But when looking to generate new leads, a website only takes you so far; a lot more work is required on an ongoing basis.

At the outset of each project, we therefore spend time working closely with the client to identify an effective digital strategy that can provide real results for their business.

Take our lead generation service: to generate new leads effectively you need features such as a blogging platform; social media and e-mail marketing integration; or methods of capturing visitor dates and so forth. We do begin by developing a website that reflects all of your ongoing requirements, which has the potential to bring your business to the forefront by following a defined strategy, but beyond that we can also assist you on a monthly basis. This service ensures that your new website will evolve to keep you ahead of the competition, and means you achieve the best return on your investment.

You’ll never have any difficulty in using your site’s content management system to update it yourself – in fact our development team use a CMS that can be adapted to match many bespoke needs. But as part of our ongoing lead generation service, our skilled team can use various analytical tools to monitor your online performance. Our recommendations, and changes that you approve, will then ensure that visitor interest is always maximised.

Take a look at how our dedicated lead generation service has helped some of our clients below.

“"I’d just like to say a HUGE thanks for everything you have done to drive this project forward and deliver such a brilliant website. It really is superb. It would never have got across the line without your creative eye, vision and understanding of what the project was all about. Again, we have worked really well together and had a few laughs along the way! As the customer, I’m delighted with the outcome. It’s better than I had hoped but I never doubted that the quality and professional design/management of What's On Shetland would be anything less than this.

Thank you. Great job done by you and the rest of the team at NB Comms!

I look forward to seeing where What's On Shetland goes from here and future campaigns we can work on to support it."”
Diane LeggetCEO, Hub Business & Marketing

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