Mobile App Design & Development

At NB, our design and development team have the ability to create both iOS and Android apps, for a range of different functions.

Flow & Design

Our design team have the expertise to review your needs for your app, and begin the job by specifying the flow of your app from the loading screen onwards, identifying the journey the user will take. With apps being more popular than ever, our designers have a great understanding of the experience users expect to have when using an app, and will create an attractive and functional design based around this.

Development & Website CMS Integration

All of the mobile apps that we build are handily incorporated into your website's CMS, allowing many advantages. You can update the content on all of your digital platforms from the same place, saving you time and the stress of having multiple systems to manage. Once you're happy with how your app is looking, and that all of your ideas will flow together seamlessly, we can develop it for both iOS and Android devices, and publish to the relevant app stores for the public to begin using.

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