Corporate ID Design

Designs that bring your brand to life online.

NB’s skilled team of designers not only work on websites, but have the ability to create engaging new brand designs, as part of our corporate identity services.

Having an attractive and effective identity is crucial to all of your digital needs. Your logo is most likely going to be one of the first things people see when they land on your homepage, your Facebook account and any digital communications you’re sending out.

Defining your Design Requirements

We start a new corporate identity project by meeting you to discuss your detailed requirements. We will learn more about your organisation and your competition. We’re always keen to hear your own ideas for your new logo and branding, along with your thoughts and experiences about your existing branding and materials should you have any.

Researching the Idea

After our initial discussions we will undertake further research into your industry and competition, and we will review any existing materials you may have. This will help us to start thinking of original and exciting new ideas for your project.

Drafting the Concepts

We sketch our initial ideas on paper. We normally explore a wide range of different concepts ‘by hand’ long before doing any computer-based work.


At this stage we ‘digitise’ the hand-drawn concepts which have the best potential. Moving to the computer allows us to experiment with variations of each concept, including exploration into typography and colour possibilities.

Gathering your Feedback

Once we’re happy with our work, we’ll share some digital versions of our logo concepts with you, so that you can review them with your own team in order to provide us with your thoughts. By identifying one preferred logo from the designs we share, we can focus our efforts on refining the ‘winner’ and preparing it for use across your brand.

Delivering your New Identity

Following your feedback, we’ll prepare a final version of the logo, and create a detailed guide on how your overall brand should follow this, e.g. which fonts, colours, etc., that you should be using. We’ll also supply the logo in a range of file types, ensuring you’ve got everything you need to market your brand in the future.

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